American Grand Strategy in the Age of Trump

American foreign policy is in a state of upheaval. The rise of Donald Trump and his “America First” platform have created more uncertainty about America’s role in the world than at any time in recent decades. From the South China Sea, to the Middle East, to the Baltics and Eastern Europe, the geopol... » Read More

Latin America’s Cold War

For Latin America, the Cold War was anything but cold. Nor was it the so-called “long peace” afforded the world’s superpowers by their nuclear standoff. In this book, the first to take an international perspective on the postwar decades in the region, Hal Brands sets out to explain what exactly happ... » Read More

The Power of the Past: History and Statecraft

History, with its insights, analogies, and narratives, is central to the ways in which the United States interacts with the world.  Historians and policymakers, however, rarely engage one another as they should.  This book bridges that divide, bringing together leading scholars and policymakers to a... » Read More